Sweet 16

Samantha Schmidt Sweet 16

In August 2017, Samantha would have celebrated her Sweet 16 Birthday,

Unfortunately, Samantha’s life was cut short at the age of 10 after a battle with AML leukemia. She had an unfinished destiny and we need your help to fulfill that destiny. Samantha had a heart filled with the desire to help others with leukemia. So, instead of a car for her 16th birthday, I know she would have wanted family, friends and communities to donate money to help children with leukemia and their families.

Did You Know That Paying For Gas is a huge financial burden for many families who have children with leukemia?

To help parents, who are already experiencing many other devastating challenges while their child is battling leukemia, we decided to start the $16 For Sweet 16 Fundraiser. We know Samantha would be honored.

How can you help? Donate $16 for each driver in your household.

The funds will go to purchase gas gift cards for the families. A social worker at Dallas Children’s Hospital will determine the need and disperse the gas cards to the families.

Samantha would be so grateful for your donations. To donate today, just click below. We would also appreciate it if you share this message and encourage others to help us reach our goal of reaching 500 drivers. Thanks in advance for your support!

Number of Drivers