Family Transportation Assistance Program

Family Transportation Assistance Gift Cards

When a child is diagnosed with leukemia, the entire family must adapt and sacrifice to accommodate the many doctor visits and patient treatments required to battle this disease.  At a time when parents need to focus energy on providing the best treatments for their child, the realities of limited time and financial resources create additional stress and distractions.

During Samantha’s treatment, Peggy remembers thinking many times, “this would be so much harder without our family, friends and support system.”

Besides the prayers, emotional support, and help with daily life, family and friends were able help the Schmidts financially by providing gasoline gift cards.  Week after week the Schmidts drove over 60 miles each way for Samantha’s treatment at Cook Children’s Hospital.

The heARTs for ART Family Transportation Assistance Program partners with local area children’s hospitals to help ease this added burden of transportation for pediatric leukemia families by providing families with gasoline gift cards.

Beginning in January of 2018 we will support families at Dallas and Plano Children’s Health locations.  Please contact your oncology social worker to apply.

Program Eligibility 

  • Families with a child diagnosed with leukemia before their 19th birthday and currently receiving treatment for leukemia at Children’s Health Dallas or Plano campus.
  • Families will be limited to $200 annually.
  • Families with greatest need will have priority.
  • Applications are accepted from medical professionals (social worker) who apply on behalf of the family.